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Liz Earle Review

After a week of use I feel I can review the Cleanse & Polish sent me for free by Liz Earle.

As mentioned previously the Cleanse & Polish is a rich cream with natural ingredients such as rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter and essential oil of eucalyptus that can be used both to clean your face when you wake up or as a cleanser to remove all traces of make up, even the most resistant.
Cleanse & Polish is equipped with a muslin cloth which remove the product after you has rubbed it on the face.

Use it in this way:
- Take a small amount of product
- Massage it in circular motions on the face, eyes and neck
- Wet the muslin cloth in hot water
- Wring the cloth and gently remove the cream from your face
- Rinse your face with cool water

I was impressed positively by this product for several reasons:
is very gentle on the face, even my sensitive skin which has a tendency to redness well tolerated it without any problems, eliminates all traces of makeup, does not burn when used on the eyes, leave a refreshing feeling after use.

I was initially a bit skeptical about using the muslin cloth, I saw it a little rough.
Instead after wet and wrung out, it become very soft and delicate.
The muslin cloth, in addition to removing makeup and impurities of all skin, exfoliates and removes dead surface skin cells leaving a smooth and bright face.
I solved the problem of scrub!

After 2-3 uses it's better to wash your cloth in washing machine at 40 ° to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.
Well, I washed it and has not reported any negative changes.

It 's possible to buy the Cleanse&Polish in different formats, so if you're skeptical or if you want to try it before you buy the big package you can buy the 30ml tube which costs about 5.70E.

In addition to complete facial care Liz Earle offers a tonic and lotion available for normal/dry or combination/oily skin to be used after the Cleanse & Polish.

Personally I'm curious to try the Skin Repair Moisturiser LIGHT for oily skin because i'm in searching of a product that can help me to fight the shiny skin.

My vote for the Cleanse&Polish?

P.S: No ideas for Christmas gifts?
Liz Earle offers cute packaging under £.10 (about 11.50 E)
This is the link:

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